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50 most recent check-ins

2017-12-22 12:17
Integrate new nmake build system shipping with Tcl 8.6.8 Leaf check-in: ff028b4953 user: apnadkarni tags: trunk, magicsplat-1.8.0
2017-11-19 09:15
Fix TK version checks Closed-Leaf check-in: 0181d18fc5 user: apnadkarni tags: vc-reform
2017-11-19 06:34
Fix some macro redefinition warnings check-in: 5395703856 user: apnadkarni tags: vc-reform
2017-11-19 06:34
Updated nmake build files to modernized versions. check-in: 6b993a10a9 user: apnadkarni tags: vc-reform
2017-11-18 15:22
Create new branch named "vc-reform" check-in: d496187ce5 user: apnadkarni tags: vc-reform
2016-10-26 18:34
More fixes to autoconf check-in: 47f2d827e5 user: hypnotoad tags: trunk
2016-10-26 18:13
Added template for config.tcl check-in: 9aabc62a57 user: hypnotoad tags: trunk
2016-10-26 18:05
Updating autoconf to address bugs in cross compilation and use the new Practcl/TEA mechanisms for sorting out SDL check-in: d3de6cc959 user: hypnotoad tags: trunk
2016-10-10 18:05
Accepting several fixes from the Androwish project. Bumping version to 1.2.4    Reverted to TEA 3.9    Several build improvements for SDL    Fixes 32 bpp memory mapping in X11 check-in: bc31d403e7 user: hypnotoad tags: trunk
2016-10-06 22:06
Fixes to the build system to avoid including entire C files into the middle of generic/c3dmain.c    Now TEA understands how to add the appropriate platform buildfile to Make. Each of the platform C files has been modified to compile independently. Added a functional API for platform call-outs to c3d.h    Replaced a pile of K&R declarations with ANSI ones check-in: 80db3dfd6f user: hypnotoad tags: trunk
2016-10-06 21:02
Adding local platform source directories check-in: 0707d48d3f user: hypnotoad tags: trunk
2016-10-02 11:20
Updating tcl.m4 check-in: 00af6aaf52 user: hypnotoad tags: trunk
2016-08-15 22:31
Moved the package provides statement to the library initializer Leaf check-in: 22bba859ea user: tne tags: practcl
2016-08-15 19:01
Fixing the installer again... after a screwed up merge check-in: 3dd358f046 user: tne tags: practcl
2016-08-15 18:52
More refinements to the build system. The main for the package loader is no longer maintained by c3dmain.c, it is generated by library.ini    Fixed the installer's handling of DESTDIR check-in: e8ae485d0f user: tne tags: practcl
2016-08-15 18:11
Build fixes check-in: 3177774f1a user: tne tags: practcl
2016-08-05 16:25
New build system based on practcl check-in: fe5a5651c0 user: hypnotoad tags: practcl
2016-07-31 13:39
Build system fixes for OSX check-in: af42725bec user: hypnotoad tags: practcl
2016-07-30 08:23
Tweaks to the build system to support practcl check-in: d639ec33b9 user: hypnotoad tags: practcl
2016-06-11 11:41
Updating to TEA 3.10 which adds a --disable-stubs flag for static builds check-in: 70fa787812 user: hypnotoad tags: trunk
2016-03-29 05:01
Fixed the call to TclPackageProvide check-in: 7ce341ec20 user: tne tags: trunk
2016-03-08 11:43
Fixed the build process for Tcl/Tk 8.6.4+    Bumped the version to 1.2.3 check-in: 0099435356 user: hypnotoad tags: trunk
2016-03-04 10:49
Update to the latest TEA check-in: fe5474e359 user: tne tags: trunk
2016-01-20 14:21
Bumped version to 1.2.2    The new version includes fixes from Androwish, as well as support for SDL. check-in: 284fe24c63 user: hypnotoad tags: trunk
2016-01-20 14:10
Integrating work from the Androwish project check-in: 9eadd8d6e3 user: hypnotoad tags: trunk
2016-01-20 10:13
Checking in modifications from the Androwish program for integration into trunk Leaf check-in: 9d3fb5f0a2 user: hypnotoad tags: androwish
2015-10-15 22:42
Another rev to the shed descriptor format check-in: fe149b4d1f user: hypnotoad tags: trunk, relase_1_2_1
2015-10-15 16:43
Updated to the newest shed spec check-in: 6597df87f3 user: hypnotoad tags: trunk
2015-09-26 02:51
Updating the shed check-in: 5bb26cd2b8 user: hypnotoad tags: trunk
2015-09-26 02:40
Added SHED definition check-in: cd173a1d96 user: hypnotoad tags: trunk
2015-02-25 16:15
Bring x11 into the 64 bit world    Eliminate many K&R style function declarations check-in: 67661a9876 user: seandeelywoods tags: trunk
2015-02-09 18:05
Completely nerfing option saving check-in: 05789122ba user: seandeelywoods tags: trunk
2015-02-09 18:03
Cleaned up K&R style declarations    Tweaked the headers to prevent Tk option rollback for X11. (Having the same 64 bit issues.) check-in: 2284464fe9 user: seandeelywoods tags: trunk
2015-01-14 12:31
Feed in the TCL_NO_DEPRECATED flag to prevent a name collision with panic() in the latest OSX check-in: a85eefc6e5 user: seandeelywoods tags: trunk
2014-03-17 00:27
Removed the garbage collection flags from autoconf for OSX builds. check-in: e991553ef7 user: hypnotoad tags: trunk
2014-03-14 15:55
Updated to the latest template in the sampleextension for visual studio builds check-in: 9c665ca4fd user: hypnotoad tags: trunk
2014-03-14 15:07
On Tcl/Tk > 8.5 we now use the TkWinChildProc exported from the stubs table rather than trying to extract it ex-post-facto from the DLL. (As that mechanism is rather delicate and prone to screw up.) check-in: f41aa09ffd user: Administrator tags: trunk
2014-03-14 01:07
Fixed references to the WIN32 define check-in: 2d040f85ce user: hypnotoad tags: trunk
2014-03-12 21:27
Now using the Tcl standard DLLEXPORT macro to declare the dylib's init functions. check-in: 0f45947813 user: hypnotoad tags: trunk
2014-03-12 20:51
Update to the latests tclconfig template for tea check-in: e7d4fd9a19 user: seandeelywoods tags: trunk
2013-11-14 21:00
Added a workaround to a segfault in the triangles demo check-in: 594f296cda user: seandeelywoods tags: trunk
2013-11-12 18:36
One more update to the index check-in: 09ce414e93 user: seandeelywoods tags: trunk
2013-11-12 18:30
Updating the home page again. check-in: d011a80df3 user: seandeelywoods tags: trunk
2013-11-12 18:29
Updating the home page check-in: 9f14c7dc42 user: seandeelywoods tags: trunk
2013-11-12 15:11
Updating the main page. check-in: 70aefe73de user: seandeelywoods tags: trunk
2013-11-12 15:08
Updated the index page check-in: 97aa1aedf3 user: seandeelywoods tags: trunk
2013-11-11 20:03
Fixed for Linux, added the proper point release version to the header file. check-in: 7a7ac000df user: seandeelywoods tags: trunk, v1.2.1
2013-11-05 15:43
Bumped version up to 1.2.1 check-in: 2810857ac9 user: seandeelywoods tags: trunk, v1.2.1
2013-11-04 22:20
Elimated the seperate tracking of openGLContext and pixel format for the Cocoa version. Also fixed an issue that was preventing 3dcanvases from resizing properly under Cocoa check-in: 0efcfcf74c user: seandeelywoods tags: trunk
2013-10-28 04:04
Build fixes. Un-renamed canvas3dMacOSXCGEnabled back to tkMacOSXGCEnabled. tkMacOSXGCEnabled is no longer a static variable, as it's needed by some Tk internal macros. check-in: ab0e60e989 user: seandeelywoods tags: trunk